Tennislessons regulations

  1. The amount mentioned on the invoice is due within 15 days of the date on the invoice. After 15 days an administration fee of € 5,00 per month is due.
  2. A lesson takes fifty minutes, half an hour lessons take twenty-five minutes.
  3. If a lesson can’t be given due to weather conditions, it will be moved to an indoor court.
  4. A missed lesson cannot be made up unless agreed upon differently.
  5. The player can’t require the teacher to give the lesson to a third party in case of absence by the player.
  6. The player has the right to cancel this agreement for the future in case of force majeure. This will be particularly the case in unforeseen medical disability of the player to play tennis or in case of an at the moment of concluding the agreement unforeseen relocation of the player to an address outside the area of twenty kilometres from the tennis park where the lessons are being given.
  7. On the remaining costs at cancellation by the player will be a 50/50-arrangement applied after settlement of already given lessons. The lessons not given in the past for whatever reason will not be accounted for. The teacher will repay the possible due amount within four weeks.
  8. After consulting the teacher the player also has the power to have a third party replace him or her as long as the teacher approves, in which case the teacher is not held to repay any of the costs. The settlement of the costs is to be arranged by the player and the third party themselves.
  9. In default of payment, the claim is given to a collection agency. All judicial and extrajudicial costs as well as the interest will be charged to the customer. This can also lead to the exclusion of following tennis lessons. It is possible to request a payment arrangement; contact Tennisschool Cross Court for more information.
  10. The teachers will provide a safe sport-environment. However, Tennisschool Cross Court cannot be accounted for personal accidents and any resulting damages, nor for theft or damages to personal belongings of its clients.

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