Marie-José van den Oever

Date of birth:

August 23, 1943


After my allround sportseducation I mainly taught physical education and gymnastics. In 1968 I started teaching tennis (for Sport & Recreatie Rotterdam) at tennisclub Kralingen.

In 1976 I succesfully passed the KNLTB (Dutch Tennis Association) A-course. Since then I frequently follow seminars and applications to keep up with the developments within the world of tennistrainers, for example:

–          Wheelchairtennis;

–          Tenniskids;

–          Senior citizen tennis;

–          Technical and tactical skills;

–          A diversity of symposia;

–          Different projects;

–          Delegate for the Dutch Tennis Association.

–          Tournament Director (International Youth Tournament and
……….DutchChampionships G-Tennis)


From 1968 until 1982 I worked for Sport en Recreatie Rotterdam in a diversity of projects including tennis. I got hooked on this game and wanted to pass on how much fun tennis can be to as many people as possible by teaching. In 1981 I started as headcoach giving tennislessons at Alexandria ’66 (now TV Pharo). After organizing and working as tournament director at international youth tournaments, I proceeded to teach at Tennisvereniging Victoria for two years.

In 1998 I founded Tennisvereniging Alexanderstad. Here I could live my dream to teach wheelchair tennis and to give lessons to people with a mental disability. Since 2011 I mainly work with people with a mental disability and accompany a group of these players to coach them in tournaments and the Special Olympics. It’s great to see their progress. In Spring 2014 a team played in the regular KNLTB National Competition for the first time.

Next to teaching I also work for the Dutch Tennis Association (KNLTB) as member of the board Breedtetennis (Tennis for everyone).

Trainer features:

I like the challenge of teaching as much as possible to people with a mental disability. That starts with being able to get a ball across the net to becoming a good matchplayer. My attention also goes out to the really young kids I believe learning the right technique is an absolute must for this group. Through Ronald and Ruud I’m keeping up to date on the latest developments in this area.