Tennis Camp

In cooperation with TV Ommoord we organized a tennis camp for children age 5-14. There were 31 kids participating in three groups, playing tennis from 10am until 3pm every day.

On Tuesday we started with a warm-up training, including a diversity of footwork exercises and stretching. Then the basic shots such as forehand, backhand and volleys were practiced. After lunch it was time to practice service and we concluded the day with tennisgames: tennis-hockey, tennis-volleyball and tennis-petanque.

Wednesday morning there were video-recordings and –evaluations, practicing forehand and backhand with a ball-canon and using a speedometer to record the fastest service. The afternoon consisted of clinics, aiming-games and at the end short matches against the trainers, who had to play with frying pans.

Thursday was a day full of matches, as we organized a tournament for the contestants.

On Friday the whole gang went to Fun Forest Rotterdam for a climbing experience, afterwards we went back to the club to finish with a barbecue.

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