From July 21-26 2014 Marie-José, Ronald and Ruud went to Luxemburg with six children to play an international youth tournament. Although the tournament was quite strong, the kids really played their best and ended up with a lot of new experiences and international friends.

Departure was on Saturday July 21, with the parents waving us goodbye. With our 9-person bus we drove to Waldbillig to the house we were staying in during the whole week. After settling in, we went to a nearby town for grocery shopping and after dinner played some games with the kids.

On Sunday morning we hiked along a trail nearby, with a river, forest, climbing rocks and waterfalls. Good for binding within the group. In the afternoon we went to the tennis courts in Gasperich for practice.

Monday through Thursday were tournament days, with each player in about two to three matches a day and the other players and trainers as spectators. After each match we (the trainers) talked about the match with the individual player and in the evening – after dinner – we evaluated the whole day with the group. There was time for some group assignments and we ended with a game. All in all it were pretty long days, so respect for the kids who stayed up late to do the work we gave them.

On Friday we took the time to sleep in and be regular tourists by visiting the city of Luxemburg. A really relaxed day after all the busy ones at the tournament. And for a change we got to eat dinner at a normal time. The next day we made our way home and got back at the club in the late afternoon, where the parents were eager to greet their offspring again.

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